Personal Statement

Mint Canyon Elementary School. I am surprised these were not the first words I spoke as a baby. One of my earliest memories I have from when I was three-years-old wandering the campus, knocking on the door of one of the first grade teachers on the campus, and asking if she needed help in her classroom. My mother worked at this campus since she was pregnant with me and ever since the day I was born, I consider this campus my second home. This is where I came to love education, and at the age of five I officially knew that would my career path as an educator. Seventeen years down the road, I am moments away from completing this journey.

Reflecting back on the teachers that have made an impact on my life, I realize that they are the reasons that I was motivated to pursue teaching and continue to push forward with my career aspirations. On average, children spend more time with their teachers than they do with their parents on school days.

One the opportunities I cherish the most and has had the most significant impact on my desire to want to be an educator is when I volunteering within a classroom when I was a senior in High School. All seniors had to shadow someone of their future career for required service hours; It was easy for me to select one of the most influential teachers to me, my second grade teacher, Miss Ho. We arranged for me to volunteer in her third grade classroom twice a week. As time progressed I was given more hands-on tasks and worked more and more with the children in her classroom. Quickly twice a week turned into five days a week, and 25 hours quickly turned into over 250 hours. This experience made a lasting impact. I was able to work with students as a whole class, in small groups and one-on-one and that was an experience I will never forget. I became a constant for the children in her class that year, and because of my commitment and dedication, I felt as though I was able to help some students make progress and grow as individuals.

Although I personally like to cherish the success, happiness and bliss of this volunteer experience, it was not a completely easy journey; everyday as I stepped foot into that classroom there were moments of frustration, stress and challenges when trying to meet the individual needs of the students. Now, I am able to look back on those moments and realize that I have cherished the hard moments as well. It is the challenging moments that allow me to learn the most and grow as an educator. Every group of students is going to have different needs, and being able to figure out how to best serve every group is one of the most exciting parts of being an educator.

In my future as an educator, I want to provide an exceptional educational experience for our future generations, just as I was provided as a child. I truly believe that educators have the opportunity to shape the future for the better and feel confident that I can successfully and effectively be a part of that process. There is a plethora of knowledge that is learned in the classroom, and I hope to be a positive role model to my future students as my teachers were to me.

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