Multicultural Perspectives

While studying education I have had to take several classes pertaining to multiculturalism, understandably. As a future educator it is important that I am aware of the different cultures among my students. By becoming aware of the cultures of my students, I will be able to integrate and teach according to those in my classroom, which will allow for a positive and effective environment for both myself and my students. Two classes that come to mind pertaining to this are Multicultural Literature, Multicultural Children’s Literature and Equity, Diversity and Foundations of Schooling.

Above and beyond all of that information I was able to receive from my knowledgeable professors, I was able to participate in and lead a multicultural seminar for over 1000 students at my university, which is one of my memorable experiences while at my university. As an orientation leader I was able to be in contact with countless new students entering the university, and with that we found it extremely important to touch on multiculturalism. During the seminar, students we able to learn the language of a new culture. It was then that they had to use that language as their only way of communicating. Some students were given extra information to the language and how to communicate more effectively and in the end were able to teach others the way of their “new” culture, if you will, and be most successful.

Below you can see a picture of students interacting with one another, tying to communicate within this culture being taught and learned.



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