Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Interdisciplinary perspectives is something that I am constantly having to focus on with becoming an educator. With Common Core State Standards having gone into effect, a large focus is on integrating two or more subjects into one lesson. One of my favorite courses that I have taken at CI is PATH/EDU 343: Teaching Drama to Children. This course integrated both theater and education and showed the importance and effectiveness of using these two disciplines together. I learned that using the two disciplines simultaneously provides for a more creative, hands-on and successful learning environment for the students. I learned that you can intertwine theater with most subjects ranging from history and science to language arts and math. Throughout the course of the semester we were able to participate in countless activities that incorporated theater with an academic subject, and see fist hand how they can constantly work together. By the end of the course, we had to present a LessonPlan that integrated theater with an academic standard. With this I was able to learn a new and creative approach to teaching, one that I probably wouldn’t have considered prior to taking this course.

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